Italian born in Uruguay, I lived mostly between France, Argentina and Ibiza.. 

In Buenos Aires I studied Film at Fundación Universidad del Cine, Advertising at Universidad de Belgrano, Styling & fashion photography at the Espacio Buenos Aires school. I worked freelance in commercials for production companies (Flehner Films, Argentina Cine) and as a stylist for fashion shows and advertising campaigns. 

In Paris I studied photography at the Ecole d'Arts Visuels EFET. 

In 2017 I was certified as a Coach in personal development and NLP practitioner at Institut Repère. 

The daughter of an artist and a psychologist, I inherited a passion for these two disciplines I tend to intertwine today. 

My parents, having also studied philosophy and compared religions and following their spiritual, existentialist quest, took me on their trips to India, where we settled for a year, and Ibiza where I spent a very hippie childhood, before moving to Argentina. This multicultural background has deeply influenced me.

In photography,  I look for a sense of mystery in rather uneventful scenes, in its shadows, stillness and contrasts. I'm intrigued with another dimension that could be hidden behind an apparent reality. As if through the image I could see an even "truer" image emerging from its depths, similar to the way the eye, after a certain time, begins to see in the darkness.