Italian born in Uruguay, I studied Film, Advertising and Styling. I worked for commercials, advertising campaigns as well as in fashion in Buenos Aires.                                                                                         

The daughter of an artist and a psychologist, my parents transmitted to me a passion for these two disciplines I love to intertwine today. Following their spiritual quest, they have taken me on their trips, living in India and Ibiza as part of the hippie movement, before settling in Argentina.                        

This multicultural background, of both human and esthetic richness has deeply influenced me. 

In 2004 I settled in Paris with my son. This new life, rather isolated at first, led me to photography and exploring its introspective nature.   

Trying to connect darkness and light, my artistic practice tends to convey a sense of mystery; seeking for strangeness through uneventful scenes, bringing myself to a state of alertness to the possibility of a less apparent reality.