Dolls, description

This is a series of self- portraits I call DOLLS. 

That is, a whimsical exploration of my subconscious. 

The product of chance, superimposition happens on real time, when the picture is taken. The movement of the lenses doubles the image of myself and sometimes, between the two, a third is formed: the DOLL. 

As Freudian slips, these alter- egos arise from my face. As buried memories coming out of shadows, one by one the dolls reveal themselves. 

Whether fragile or provocative, the look in their eyes seem to appeal to me from a forgotten place. 

In an an act of clear regression, I playfully proceed to color them. 

Through color and chiaroscuro I help each doll come to life and by leaving the traces of movement and distortions untouched, a sort of organic mutation occurs on the surface and before our eyes. 

Subconscious, childhood, shadows, playfulness, mutation, revelation. 

Such is the substance of this project.